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Historic Abstract serves as a trusted partner within the real estate community. We understand your needs and want to help you stay focused on closing more sales. Our superior communication will give you confidence that once you drop off a contract, all the elements of the sale will be taken care of, we will follow up with you every step of the way.

The end result for you is smooth closings that don’t irritate any parties because of poor communication or forgotten paper work. Everything will be handled and ordered in a professional, personal manner.


Here are the promises Historic Abstract makes to you as a Realtor:

Responsiveness and Turnaround Time – Historic Abstract delivers fast turnaround times, while also giving you accurate estimates on when you can expect things to finalize.

Superior Communication – We understand that you and your clients need constant communication in order to feel comfortable that your transaction is progressing smoothly.   Phones, answered by title experienced analysts, email, responsively addressed, and flexible closing scheduling all makes your clients realize that they're dealing with professionals.

Experience and Knowledge – The primary principals of Historic Abstract have over 50 years of combined real estate experience.  Lawrence Dalsemer is a real estate lawyer, with a customer service focus.  We have seen it all, and will devise innovative and cooperative strategies to get your deal closed.

Accommodation – We will bend over backwards to get your deal closed. We will travel, close in the evening, arrange mail away closings; anything and everything that is necessary to obtain a great result for you and your client.

Low Costs – We will always charge the minimum promulgated rate for title insurance for your client, and don't add on "closing" or "settlement fees" (unless where mandated by law).

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